19 August, 2008

My theme

I purposelly took a wide theme because my objective was to be able to be open minded. And i found that there is a lot to say of a women , that they shouldn't be divided but shown as a whole . One of my last piece was about the womens in the middle east, it was consider as one of my political piece. That was what made me choose "women" as a theme. and also the fact that i am really interested in women's rights and condition in the world and also everything that turns around the womens of our days. The main idea was to show how women's level has changed within the years.

23 April, 2008

text art

we had to make a pice on text i first was thinking of making a random drawing then just make like a quote or a sentence about it and about how it is making me feel. But i was also interested in the human body parts , so i decided to write on a fiends body , and the writing would be a quotes showing the weakness of the two sexes!

28 October, 2007

Bangkok Trip

We went with the class to an art trip in Bangkok to visit some different art galeries, all of them were really interesting but my favorites were the first ones they were both two women. One was from India aand was raised in England she is more into pop art and candies. She represented her life through her art, her dad was an icecream man that is why in most of her art there is icecreams but still with the Bollywood style. I find that very interesting and she used a lot of glitter and candy raper that she can find , the other one and the one on cats i find them very researched and artistique compare to some other that are pretty simple to my eyes.

25 September, 2007

About me and the change of my "habitat"

My name is Jordane Grassot Colonna I am French, but have been living in Bali all my childhood. My decision of coming to Prem Tinsulanonda (Chiang Mai) was when i came to visit the school with my sister. She was the first one to come here ,Indiana, she graduated in 2004, a year after that i came here hoping to graduate but also trying to make it happen. I was pretty sad to leave Bali but i knew it was for the best, my fears was of course like any new students : not to fit in, and to be the new unliked student siting alone at break. And i was sad to leave my old life for a new one that was going to be with all more of work. But if i concentrate and get My I.B. it wouldn't feel like a waste of time. But to my big surprise i have fitted pretty good and i made new and good friends quickly. So for the moment everything is going well.

My second piece

My second piece is about my culture. I have been living in Bali (Indonesia) since the age of 3 , so Bali is for me, the island i have been living in my hole life until now. But French is my nationality and i was born in Bayonne (France) and i have to admit that i am pretty proud of it, so i felt like i had to show those two cultures that i have mixed during my childhood.So my second piece is about comparing and sharing those two cultures. I did three comparison, the food Which is pretty important to French, fashion or traditions and the different physical character's of the Balinese and the French.

24 September, 2007

My first piece about myself

This final piece about my self wasn't exactly what i wanted to do, i had a lot of ideas but i just couldn't draw them, i first wanted to represent the French flag with pictures of my life , to make it like those portrait made with picture, as a collage. But at the end i just drown the French flag with three portraits of me in different views and a bit of writting on the plants as the shadows in the three language i cant talk pretty fluently.

Why did i take I.B. art?

I.B. art is a subject of the International Bachalorea.I chose I.B. art because, i have always been told that i have had a good "hand"for drawing, and i enjoy drawing , i keept my own sketchbook.I feel pretty strong and capable for this subject i just need to be serious about it and stay on schedule.